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With their many forms and motives, we have always felt that Aota and Flucian understood each other while we could not understand them. They both held many secrets: where did they come from? what exactly were they? We only knew that they wanted something from each other. And whatever that is,  I know that I couldn’t comprehend it even now.

What I do know for sure is that when I see the silver moon against the blackest night, I feel that our captain and his reluctant lieutenant finally got what they wanted: An endless duel, an endless dance of power.


This should have been the ending of the story, but I thought that it would be great if we could give you guys a peek. Just like I read the last page of a book before I buy it (admit it, some of you do that, too) -Chronicler-


Character Tidbit – Flucian

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Even now, I have the feeling that she is not of body, but more of spirit. She was so light-footed and so hawk-eyed that she became one of Biotel’s best spies and marksmen. She never told anyone where she came from, only that she has been everywhere, just like the wind.
I thought she would blow up all the computers during our training in Tech Division, but after a few months, it was obvious that the company what they were doing when they placed her there. It was as if it was not enough for her to seemingly walk through walls, she had to learn how to walk through digital fortresses. And strangest of all, she used external energy to heal wounds at the molecular level …quot; a technology that I have never seen before, and neither has anyone in the company.


Dragon 2020: GHOST SQUAD

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Weld. Solder. Re-fuel. Polish. Another day, another mission, another maintenance job. Biotel has lots of people to do this for me; but I won’t let anyone touch my mech: Titan Class Exo-armor. Beautiful eh? Fixing and cleaning it up feels like licking my own wounds. My body is a roadmap of scars; and my mech has scars sevenfold.

They call me Grifter. As a captain for the mega-corp Biotel, I have worked with all kinds if people. This company made me who I am ��” a blue hybrid dragon. I am forever indebted to it. It is both a blessing and a curse. And dragons don’t ever get to retire.

I have always been my own guy but I’ve always been a team player. Only one team, one mission, has pushed me to the limits of who I am and how I view this company. But then again, it’s just another scar.

I was such a young sergeant when Biotel assigned me to the Ghost Squad, an Internal Review Committee, under Captain Aota. It was only my third mission so I felt overwhelmed that we got sent to a major base in one of our remote storage facilities.

Commander Hertz reportedly was misappropriating equipment. We have lost all contact with this station. Our orders are to secure the base, find Commander Hertz and find out where he has taken the missing equipment.

The base seemed small from the top: a compound with only a few buildings. Most of whatever made the base was underground. As secure as the surface seemed, we knew that security was tighter below so we made our entry from above.

We sent a decoy hummer with holographic images of our four-man team. The decoy was obliterated within seconds. The image gave me an odd feeling down my throat and I knew that this mission wasn’t going to be easy.

The team glided down from our aircraft using skydiving fins from our armor. First to descend was Lilith, with the double katanas tucked in her armor. Like me, she had just been imbued with the dragon gene at the time. Her smooth landing on top of the communications building just proved how finely tuned her skills were as a warrior. Lilith came from the ancient mystical tribe of Mahavidyas. Biotel made no mistake about making them allies. She had been a warrior-priestess in her tribe. Her combat and magic skills more than made up for her lack of knowledge of the modern world.

I preferred changing into my hover-bike when I came to a certain altitude. I miscalculated and a freak wind sent me tumbling on top of the next building, a couple of storeys lower than the communications tower. I was lucky that I didn’t attract much attention, considering the size of my bike.

Flucian more than smoothly glided down. It was as if the wind gently placed her on top of the communications tower. Even now, I have the feeling that she is not of body, but more of spirit. She was so light-footed and so hawk-eyed that she became one of Biotel’s best spies and marksmen. She never told anyone where she came from, only that she has been everywhere, just like the wind.

Captain Aota came down last, almost dropping straight down, head first, before spreading his fins a couple of meters from the communications tower. He knew stunts like that made people nervous. In fact, he loved making people nervous. He once used long snake-like limbs made of shadows to knock me off my hover-bike just because he thought I was too dependent on it. I felt just like the punk that he thought I was.

Getting into the building was easy since it was a Biotel faciliy and we were tagged as friendly forces. We only had to steer clear of Hertz’s men on the courtyard. I especially had to keep down due to the size of my armor.